Best Type of Flour for NY Style Pizza

I am using Pillsbury Balancer high-gluten flour for my NY Style Pizza. Could anyone give me guidance to the best type of flour tto use for my pizza. I have access to most types of flour though my local distributor. I also am using Tom Lehmann’s formulation for making NY Style Pizza, but without the sugar. I have been getting great help from Peter at with help since I have been starting to make pizzas. I want to be able to make my crust to taste the best it can. I am using a deck oven and making my own sauce. Any help would be appreciated.

Although I don’t make a NY style pie, when I sold food, All Trumps was used by all my bagel makers & french bread bakers…

I’ve tried many brands, but I keep coming back to All Trumps…

I’m a big fan of All Trumps as well. Though I’ve recently picked up a bag of Kyrol or something like that, from Restaurant Depot and have found it to perform very much in the same way as the All Trumps for a bit less money. I’m not “professional” yet as we’re STILL dickering on our location, but I’m playing and testing a LOT at home. If you’re like me, you won’t believe there is such a difference in flour brands and formulas until you try it for yourself.

Thank you for your advise. I will try some All Trumps flour and see what difference it makes in my pizza.

I switched from All Trumps to King Wheat, to avoid the bromate.

Since I am new to making pizza, could you tell me what the bromate does to the dough?