Best vehicle for pizza owner?

We are a one car family! My wife gets the camry and i get my bicycle. Thinking of getting a Tacoma. Not going to use for delivery. Cosco runs and shuffling restaurant equipment. What do you guys use? Do you have any favorite cars or trucks ?

I used our SUV for many years. Now I have a truck with an extended cab on it. I had to buy the truck to haul my freezer trailer around for fundraiser deliveries.

Always a truck. I’ve been driving a Toyota Tundra for 9 years now and just cleared 200K miles. My goal is to get it to 300K. My wife bugs me all the time about getting a new one, but no way. I bought her a new car for Christmas to mellow her out for a while on the subject. I still have a lot of miles to go.

I walk/bike to work every day. On the occassion i have to actually drive somewhere or go buy stuff (sams runs) i have my Altima. But if i where need to use something bigger i would just rent a truck for the day.

I live where winter is more than half the year so anything I use needs to be all-wheel-drive. Currently I drive a Jeep Patriot but I find it a bit under powered. Looking at a bit bigger SUV with a V6 for the next lease.

We have a subaru outback and a toyota 4-runner. Same issue as Daddio… got to have 4WD around here. Pizza store has two outbacks for delivery vehicles.

1798395_10152204863801605_355392590_n.jpg honda elements…used since they dont make them anymore…great in snow too and when you take the seats out you would be surprised how many pizzas or what you can cram from Restaurant Depot

Full size truck with 4WD,
But, We cater, and I burn wood, lots of wood here. so I need to cut & split up to 26 cords annually (2 semi loads), so hauling around a chainsaw, fuel, oil, peavy with a log jack, splitting maul and axes etc.
When the weather allows, I jump on the Harley whenever possible.

My perfect rig is my 2015 Lifted Duramax. lol love that thing

Big gas guzzler ford expedition here. It doubles as a catering vehicle when we need the extra space.

I had a bmw m5-fun to drive and u can fit in a ton from depot with fold down rear sits.but now that my family expanding i traded for acura mdx… Now i can fit even more at the depot! Haha

Sweet, i have a E60 M5 2008, white on red leather with a 6 speed. Love that car what do you have

im pushing a 97 for expedition got it back in 99…love love love it but hate the 11 mpg i get with it…and like most fords it starting to rust through…im hoping to get another 20,000 miles out of it so i can see 200,000 miles on the odometer. then ill be ready to let it go; it will be a sad day i got that bad boy when i was in high school!

My Honda Pilot has always had plenty of room for weekly trips to Rest Depot and Sam’s Club. Even enough room to pick up a couple bags of horse feed on the way back. The gas mileage isn’t the best, but I love it otherwise.

Just got a '13 Ford Edge ltd awd a few months back, love it. '84 Ford F150 for trips to R Depot but I’ve only been making one trip every couple months so thinking about just renting a truck from now on. Dont like being in something so old that a fender bender could kill me. Life is good, that would be a crappy way to go.

We have a box truck for restaurant depot and equipment hauls, but an old fashion truck for the daily drive. I just do too much that requires a truck so I personally couldn’t imagine not owning one.

Have always had a SUV or Truck for sure but also own a Box Van… My current daily driver is a Charger and the trunk is big enough to have pizza tools, uniforms, etc so if I am at one of my shops and someone asks for something chances are I have it.

I had e39 m5bought two years after we baught our first pizza place. A year after e60 came out.

I too have an E39, 53oi pushing 250,000 miles. I have a van that I use for depot but everyday driving it RULES…