Best way to attract new employees/mgr

Looking to take my store to the next level, craigslist seems to bring around the same group of washed up pizzeria owners or pizza guys that cant hold a job. I’d love to hire from within but I have no good prospects at the moment. Any suggestions?

Craigslist tends to reach people who are looking for work… sometimes there is a good reason they are looking! Still worth doing but you do have to sort through the applicants. The newspaper does the same thing but costs more. I have had some limited success with Facebook ads. (Paid). Limit the demographics by age, distance, possibly interests and at least it gets in front of people who are not actively looking.

We have also had success with box toppers. I write a short ad along the lines of General Manager Wanted! Responsible for service levels, cost control, employee hiring, training and scheduling. Restaurant experience required. References checked. PLEASE APPLY IN PERSON DURING THE DAY.

I print that up large enough that I can print three per 8.5X11 page. Print up a couple hundred pages at a cost of maybe $10-15, cut into three and have 600 toppers. Put them on all boxes until gone. We have hired one GM this way and a number of drivers and cooks. It gets the word out. In the case of the GM we hired, he did not see the flier but a customer who saw it knew he was looking passed him the word.

Thank you