Best way to increase online orders

We have discussed this before as I just searched thru the archives. But I would like some more updated opinions.

We are currently at 25-30% online orders and I would like to move them to the 50% range. 4 Years ago I added a few extra coupons to the menu promoting online ordering. It worked well as it moved us from 15% to 25%. I just felt it was a bit too much of a discount. I’m planning a big promotion later this year and I want it to be effective. I plan on using boxtoppers - MailShark - Facebook ads - Google Ads - Email and in store signage.

Some of the options could be:

A $ off coupon. Maybe 1 time use only $5 off any order of $25 or more
A percent off the total order 10%
A free item. Free side item or small pizza
A combination of all

Good thought. It has been a while since I pushed on this. For us, online is more of a local thing than a tourist thing because tourists struggle with the addresses of the places they are staying.

I think the goal should be to get more customers shifted over to use the system. I believe that is easier done than increasing order frequency from customers already there. To that end the emphasis needs to be on getting that first order online. Box toppers offering a killer first time online discount have worked for us.

That first online order can be a pretty aggressive offer as long as you set it up that it can only be used once and also terminated it after a short time so people do not just register again with a new email/phone to double dip on the offer.

After that, we have had a lot of success offering a standard discount that is only available online and we promote that info with emails to those who have ordered online before.

This is how I’m leaning. I’ll have to check with Brygid to see if they have a filter of some sort that will disallow a certain coupon if the customer has already placed an online order with us.

they do not. i’ve asked before…but please ask again maybe things have changed.

I am using the Prism system. If I use a “promo code” rather than a coupon I can put pretty much any kind of limit on it. One time use (or any other number of uses) New online customer only, minimum number of orders placed (I use for special offers to our most regular customers from time to time).

As I have mentioned before, all of our more aggressive coupons are online or app only.
Regular coupons might be:
Pizza, bread, pop
Pizza & wings
Multiple pizzas
Online only or app only coupons might be:
FREE Pint of ice cream with $x purchase
FREE Cheese Bread “” “”
x% off online order (this % decreases over the years)
$x off online order of X or more
We did a super aggressive promotion on National pizza day that we advertised only through text, email and facebook. The special was only valid if you ordered online. It worked very well (too well!). We plan on using this strategy occasionally going forward.
I, too would love to get our online ordering up to 50%. I am sure we could do that, but the problem is our phone people are just so friendly. Maybe we just need to be more rude so they don’t want to call and talk to us :wink:

Great ideas, thank you. Domino’s ran tv commercials talking about how they were bad at phone orders and it was better to order online.
Love the word “pop” also. Know one out here would even know what that is. They would assume it was a firecracker. :slight_smile:

heck yeah! welcome to the midwest. Land of pop.

My father in law grew up in the Midwest. The first time I met him. ( I was already scared ). He asked me if I wanted a pop. I thought that meant he was going to punch me. [emoji38]

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People say “Pop” in New England, too.
I remember the first time I heard it… “huh?”
Yes… I remember the Domino’s ads… made us feel like idiots, to a certain degree.

I use a third party online ordering company (Chownow) they approached me with a pitch of marketing to my email database I had 4000 emails address. It was $75 a month and I didnt have to worry about it.
Anyway first couple of months they (I let them come up with the deals bc they said they knew what worked) sent out deals that were reasonable.
The third month they gave 25% off entire order for new customers. I was pissed it cost me $3000 that month. However that was by far the best response I got. I gained over 1000 new email address and my online ordering went from 24% to 35% and best of all its still going up. I want all my orders online…seriously

Side note- I now use MailChimp and do marketing myself. It takes 10 minutes and works wonders. And its free

So I spoke with Brygid about this and they do have a set up for this but its not really what I was looking for.

They can set you up with 1 time offer promo codes. They will set up a 7 digit code for a special, say 1 large pizza for $10. The code would be something like LARXXXX. The X’s wound be numbers so you would have 9999 available coupons for that special and each one could only be used once. It would be up to you to figure out how to distribute the numbers.

Mailchimp looks pretty cool. What do you use it for? Instagram ads?

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Sounds like a bargain.

We also use Mailchimp. I like it.

We use mailchimp as well. I like it, however we have very low open rates (around 8-12%). It says the industry average is 18.9% I feel like we have a lot of emails going directly to spam. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. I have experienced it sending to vendors, etc. this problem. Anyone know how to get us from not ending up in spam so much? Something we can do to clean up our domain, etc.?

It was.

Thats what I was trying to convey.

I imported all my email contacts from Chownow. Then made an email campaign that utilizes a promo code (so I can track effectiveness) I made look like our brand then hit send. So easy

I send out 2 campaigns a month usually involving pizza. I want to sell more pizza, days where sell alot of pizza are way less stressful than other sales mix days

Ive noticed adding emojis like pizza slices etc. In the subject line actually made a positive difference in open rates

good to know. thanks!