Best Wing Flavors

What are your top 3-4 best selling wing falvors?

Good question,
I am exploring too. I had an idea from one of my salesmen and I tried it today. fried my wings in deep fryer for 10 minutes. put them in a bowl of BBQ sauce for 2-3 minutes and tried. AW pretty bad. may be I didn’t do it right. According to my salesman someone is making rich by doing this!
Anybody have better ideas. Please bring 'em on.

My best selling wings are Hot then Honey Garlic and then BBQ. I buy pre cooked wings with no coating on them that way I can put whatever flavour I want on them and dont have to have 5 cases of each flavour. They go in the fryer for 4 minutes then get coated with sauce and put into a foil container 10,15 or 30 paks.

Besides the levels of buffalo/hot, we sell these most:

  1. Lemon pepper
  2. Teriyaki glazed
  3. BarBQue
  4. Garlic Pepper

We have a couple of other flavors as wel, but these are top sellers. Experiment with a very light butter drizzle& some dry spices (lemon pepper). Adds to the repertoir. I do a wet jerk as well.

Our top three are Buffalo, BBQ and Garlic.

I worked as an assistant manager at a sport bar/restaurant that offered 13 different flavors of wings. The most popular there were the same. Buffalo, BBQ and Garlic. The only difference was that at the sports bar there were four different levels of Buffalo. Mild, Hot, Attempted Suicide and Suicide.

How do you do your lemon-pepper wings?

pizzaguy, what brand do you use and whats your cost on the wings?

we also sell a tequila lime goes over well

I toss the fried wings with a light coating of margarine and then sprinkle on a commercial lemon pepper seasoning blend. We use Tone’s because it is fine enough grind to adhere without being overly crunchy from chunks. The salt and citric acid dissolve into a nice, tat sauce sort of affair with the pepper and spice adhering.

Over butter, and you get a soupy mess. Over season, and they become too salty to eat. It is very hard to portion the seasoning, and it takes a skilled hand to do them well. It is the last task our fryer guy learns . . . sort of a coming of age thing.

What is a jerk?

When you quote it out like that, it looks dirty :shock:

Jerk Seasoning sauce was pretty popular for a while. I made a sauce based on a Jerk/Caribbean marinade, pineapple juice concentrate and orange juice concentrate. The "wet"x is because it is a sauce instead of a dry rub.

It’s pepper-spicy, with garlic, onion, allspice tones and some fruitiness.

Thanks nick that was the best laugh I had in a while it did look kinda dirty!

                 George Bush!

thats the exact same for us

Nick…how do you make the teriyaki glaze?

At the risk of seeming a smart a$$, I open the jug of kikkoman’s teriyaki glaze, fill a squeeze bottle and apply to wings to oder.

It is a product that I haven’t been able to replicate, though I haven’t tried all that hard. It has a thick, syrupy consistency that its perfect for coating things tossed in it. You have to get the GLAZE and not the sauce, though. We tried other products and other flavors, but the customers always clamor for this one. I can get cheaper ones, but not as popular.

Sorry there is no recipe for you . . . I know it is always funner to do it myself.

i am not nick but…we get our teriyaki glaze from our sysco rep. Kikkoman teriyaki glaze

sell a whole lot of them!

thanks guys ill give it a try as well