Beta/Launch customers required


We are about to launch a new service for the Pizzeria industry. We are seeking 20 launch/beta customers for your initial and continuing feedback.

In return we are offering our services completely free for as long as you want to be a launch customer, for ever if you wish.

In the first instance please visit our Facebook fanpage below.

Any question please post here or on Facebook


Mark Jones
(not viewable, protected behind a firewall until full launch)

the FB link doesn’t work. What do you do???

Thanks for letting us know, country restriction was switched on.


You might get more action if you would actually step out and talk about these “services” that you provide rather than dumping us off to a link to chase the information. busy professionals and all . . . . cross referencing happens too much in our lives already.

Hi Nick,

There more information within my Facebook fanpage as a pinned post. Here’s a copy of the post.

Beta Testers for MenuPot


We are seeking launch customers/beta testers form around the world to help us finalise the design of MenuPot. We are seeking forward thinking Pizzerias who are eager to give us initial and continuing suggestions, ideas, bug reports, a bit of encouragement and a Facebook like would be nice.

In payment we are offering the use of MenuPot, free of any subscription charges, for as long as you want to be a launch customer, for ever if you wish, totally free. Please Like us below and we be in touch.

First come first serve, but we are looking for a spread of business around the world. To get the best from MenuPot you will need or are willing to create a Facebook fanpage, a website (although a webpage is created for you) and a twitter account. Social networking is built in to MenuPot, not just bolted on. Like any service, if you don’t promote your on-line menu ordering, it will never work for you

We believe we have created the most cross browser/device, stable, fastest, easiest, social, online menu ordering system there is, with a live menu updating system. Although it can be used for any food business, we have built this especially to work for the pizza business, as of all the food industries the pizza is by far the most complicated to build.

No Franchisee at present
No more than 4 locations per business.

Many Thanks

Mark Jones

Even after checking out the facebook page, I am still not sure what you do?

Even after reading what he pasted, I find myself needing to make some deductions to make sense of their services. I suspect I am right . . . but ‘suspecting’ in a new product means I know I am not interested in learning more.

I may be overly cynical that way, and does not at all reflect on the value or quality of the posted service.

Maybe there’s a typo and it’s “Beta Lunch?” :mrgreen:

Thanks for the feedback, appreciated.

for clarification

What is MenuPot?
This is a Web App, an on-line pizza ordering system. It is a website component that works like a native app on all smartphones/tablets, as a website on PCs/Macs and as a Facebook ordering page. It can operate from its own webpage or be embedded in your own website/Facebook fan page.

How does it work?
It works by detecting what browser or device your customer is using and optimising a simple, yet powerful online menu ordering system to fit gracefully for that device/browser.

It has been designed specifically to meet the needs of selling pizzas on line.

It is open now for private beta. In return we offer this service free for your initial and continuing feedback.

Hope that helps

Mark Jones

That helps a lot. Which POS systems does it interface with?

Echoing Nick’s question…what POS will it interface with, and how are the orders delivered to my store?

That helps a lot. Which POS systems does it interface with?


Any POS with xml order input.

However there are certain function like order tracking, order geo location, twitter and facebook integration that as far as i am aware no POS system currently available can utilise? Unless anyone knows different.

how are the orders delivered to my store?

On receiving an order an xml file is built for reading by your pos. It is also emailed, and an order is created on your MenuPot admin panel. From your MenuPot admin panel your can post updates on the order, “its in the oven” “It Left the building” It outside, open the door". From your email, it can be set up to text your order or sent to an internet printer. We are not supporting faxed orders, however there are plenty of “email to fax” services out there, but they will charge you per fax received.


Only companies that have big fan bases can be so elusive regarding their product such as apple, I still don’t know what you product does that isn’t already widely available.

I get that you are offering online ordering but so many websites and POS software companies are offering this at the moment, why not offer us an example or something to show uu something. You could always put you current offering at so it is not on show to the public.


I understand that you would like to look at everything, but MenuPot is in private beta, this is how software gets developed. If it gets opened to everyone, right from the start, when frankly it is not ready for release it causes a lot of problems, there are bugs, It is more difficult to control feedback, wires gets crossed and mistakes happen. On important aspects feedback from experienced pizzeria is essential for us to move forward, hence my offer of MenuPot free for my Beta Tester,

You are off course correct, this is an on-line menu ordering system, and we have lots of very good competitors out there. We are a new player in the market, and we hope to bring a lot to the party on functionality, ease of use and price to you.

Software development is no different to building a lot of things, it needs to be built in the correct steps, private beta is one of those steps, then beta release, then full launch.

I would welcome you as a private beta.


Mark Jones

Well Mark, I am happy to give it a go from a UK propsective. You can contact me at

Just a brief thought on this thread…

I, to, was interested, despite the “vagueness” of the details…

Yes, it might be interesting, and tho it creates an XML file/approach, it won’t interface with my POS and will add a new layer to get it into my store…

I don’t want/need that extra step, as there are many other work around solutions for my POS…that I believe, may be a big downfall for many operators…

Yes I agree, its a shame that MenuPot can not interface with all POS. Some business might see that as deal breaker, some might not. That’s business i suppose.

The issue is when asked to put in an extra step for any process (which means extra cost really) is it worth the extra effort? Would you spend an extra $100 to earn an extra $1000? Or when the end user expects that service/product, do you put in the extra step to gain and retain customers.



I think you will find people interested in your product, and I do encourage folks to check out and ask you questions if that sort of utility is interesting.

As to the very often valid metaphor of spending the $100 . . . . 1) that $1000 isn’t guaranteed, is it?; 2) Can I get that $1000 for less investment and effort another way? It sounds like our Patriot friend has #2 covered . . . and If you offer #1, then send me a PM and I’ll sell the software locally.