Better chicken topping

For all that have chicken for a pizza topping how are you doing it?

We currently use chucks 10-20 grams (it’s what we use for our boneless bites) and season with salt and pepper and bake in oven and then send it through the robot coupe when cooled. I think it comes out mediocre at best. Just not a lot of flavor and somewhat dry.

Does anyone brine their chicken before? If so what do you use? I there anyway to get more flavor besides brining? Marinate? That could over do one flavor when we use it on 4 different specialty pizzas. Even considered sous vide the chicken so it stays juicy.

Any suggestions are welcome!

I only use about 20 pounds a week. I just walk to the Aldi behind me, and grab 2 packages of breast(around 20 pounds). I like Aldi chicken better than buying a 40 pound case from RD. It gets messy and you are paying for all that solution.
The night before I cook them, I prep them. I slice in half, not worrying about thickness level yet. Get a 2 gallon ziplock bag, fill with
4 cups of oil
2 oz souffle cup lemon juice
2 oz souffle cup salt
2 oz souffle cup sugar
1 oz souffle cup pepper
1 oz souffle cup Italian seasoning I grind it in a spice grinder(cuisinart)
Add the chicken and refrigerate overnight.
The next day take out of bag and let them rest in half sheet for 20 minutes to lose some of the marninade.
Then I get a full heavy duty sheet pan and spray with cooking spray so it flips easy. Then put the chicken on it. It seems like its not all going to fit but I just make it all squize in. I’ll maybe pound out a few that look to thick. Then If I have time I let em come to 60 degress sitting out. I cook them in an EDGE at 500 degress. I have found that top heat makes them tough so you cant just run them through the oven. you have to unhook the belt, and put them in the center, assuming your 2 top middle fingers are blocked.
cook 5 minutes flip. Its nice to have some oven mits to get it out of the oven. cook another 2 to 3 minutes. Temp out the thickest part of the meat. Very important to not cook over 165 or they will get tough. Usually all the skiny ones are done. Pull those out and contine till all are done. Iet cool, then put them in the fridge. Im sure you know they got to be 41 in 4 hours. Then I will make a long cut down the middle and finly slice to a 1/4 inch. they seem more tender at a 1/4 inch then the usual 1/2 inch.

thanks for sharing. I’m going to try it!

About 2 years ago we started using our fresh chicken tenders for all of our specialty pizzas that included chicken. It was definitely the right choice.
Everyday way make at least a pan of tenders, let them cool then chop them up to be ready for pizza topping.
Its a really fun job chopping up the chicken topping, the employees fight over who gets to do it

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Looks great! Freeze and ship me some lol

So you actually fry the tenders? We have tenders we fry but never thought about that being the chicken topping. Our customers have always requested grilled. Hmmmm

And love how you all chop them. Probably makes quick work of the task.

Lastly, is that a Ratatouille tattoo? That’s fanstastic

I was really apprehensive to use fried chicken on our pizzas especially our chicken broccoli Alfredo pizza, but its worked out great. We haven’t had even one person ask to switch the chicken to grilled and they can easily do so.

Yes thats Ratatouille.

We switched to using our fried tenders bc its way faster to produce.

We call it “crispy chicken” when describing it on our pizza

We use Smoked Garlic Chicken from Burke. It is pre cooked, it isn’t dry and has good flavor. It comes in frozen. it makes a great chicken sandwich as well as pizza, pasta and salads. I use 20-30 lbs a week. My cost is $4.87 per lb.

Which food distributor do you get them from? The Burke chicken

Hi William

I us US Foods

Their Item # is 2437426

We have been using it for over 10 years.



Many thanks! I’ll check it out

You are welcome.


For yrs now i have been doing this routine:
1.Sams club rotisserie chickens, deboned, hand shredded, mince the skins and mix all together, we use this on the bbq chicken pizzas also as an item option on pizzas and
bbq chicken subs.
2. I season and cook up chicken breast & hand shred that, used for pizzas(chix bacon ranch) & item options & chicken Caesar salads.
My customers love it, i do have the option for crispy fried chix, but more often they choose the other chix over fried.

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That’s great. Hmmmmmmmmmmm