Resellers or VARS (value added resellers) are hired by big companies to do their work, then when things go wrong the big companies hide behind the resellers to avoid litigation and responsibility!!! Be aware of this when purchasing whatever it is. it could save you thousands of dollars and alot of aggravation !!!

please give an example(s) of VARS,
most manufacturers use distributors, maybe you are speaking of some kind of equipment, please be more specific to clear my confusion,


Otis, see

She’s upset about a SPECIFIC situation. VARs are NOT used as a shield for mfgs. There’s some bad blood with a specific situation and she’s venting. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but having worked for and with VARs over many years, I ain’t biting – come on, every freaking computer store is a VAR.

Her post makes it sound like she bought from a company that got her less than she wanted (may have been forced to from a cost perspective – we only get one side of the story here) and the company (mfg) is seemingly trying to make good on it. It’s certainly saddening that the customer isn’t happy, but this is a very wide brush to be painting with over a specific scenario.