Beware service fees that look like they come from you!

I recently began accepting online orders through which is part of / dotmenu inc.
Three weeks after i began getting orders, there was an additional $ .75 “service fee” that was tacked on to the order to the customer, listed right under our delivery fee. It makes it look like we are charging fees on top of fees.

I called them with my concerns and they said that they don’t tell me how much i should charge and so i shouldn’t tell them how much to charge either. I said, that’s not the issue here. It looks like the charge is coming from me! When i made the agreement to start using the service, there was no mention of this new charge and i demanded that they either remove the charge or remove me from their site.

The lady asked me if we had complaints about it and i told her that in reallity, most people won’t even know it’s there, so she said “what’s the problem then?”. Because it’s not right to slip in fees just because people don’t notice. I don’t do business that way. I think that pizza operators are hard working honest people that for the most part genuinely care about their customers, and our reputations are what drives our business.

This company lost my business because they are not protecting their clients image and clearly are not interested in making concessions to make the situation work. I don’t begrudge anyone from earning a living, just do it honestly and really listen and try to have it work for both parties. That’s something they wouldn’t do.

If you are using them and weren’t told about this, join the club. If you aren’t happy with the the way this was implemented, call and let them know. I am sure that i am not the only one who didn’t like it, but they need to here it from others. I won’t be doing business with them again. I am not telling you to drop them or threaten leaving, simply make them aware that you aren’t happy with the way this happened.