Bicycle delivery - Is it feasable to attempt???

Not true. Look up hyperhydration. I’m not in shape, but even when I worked hard labor several hours a day, I still sweat like a friggin fountain.

so get in shape and you won’t sweat as much as now when you are not in shape duh!

Next you’ll be telling me that a pro cyclist will sweat as much as you!! get real!

The statements made in this thread are just getting more bizarre!


Hey “guest”, the guy I soo friendly refer to as JERK. I hope you treat your customers better than your fellow pizza-lifers who visit this forum that you love to belittle. I can’t believe with a personality such as yours that you keep customers. didn’t you parents love you? Good luck with all your endeavors, obviously your going to need it.

I agree with Otis on the “sweat” topic. If the customer knows that their pizza is being delivered by bike, it only stands to reason that the delivery guy will be prespiring.

BTW… the question was about sweating not smelling. Go back and reread the posts you sooo carefully needle with your crummy sarcastic personality. It’s been a pleasure… GEEEEEZ!

I may well be sarcastic to stupid questions but I think your last statement shows your true colours - stoop low my friend as your much much closer to the bottom of the barrel than I am on this one!

Oh yes and before you re-ask no bikes don’t work in the snow or perhaps you have magic snow to go with your ‘none-smelling’ sweat.

I have seen bicycles outfitted with a ski on front and special tires on back that work ion the snow quite well. I am sure it is specialty equipment and outfitting, but it is possible, I believe for those wanting the thrill of a snowy ride with a hot pie.


actually Nick I was being very sarcastic as (before anyone shoots me down in flames) riding in the snow is of course possible even without special gear. There are plenty of sports websites available on the topic but it is an extreme sport and as a business the risk of sending people out in the snow (the same with motorbikes/mopeds) would in reality be pretty suicidal and I think most bikers (myself included) wouldn’t want to risk it can you image how many remakes you’d get when they slip over :wink:

Have you checked out somethimg like this? … otohosting

Hey maybe you guys could talk to one of the carriers who deliver where you are at. Pay em 20 bucks or a couple of pizzas for their wisdom. After all they do it for a living. Invite em to your shop, sit down with a list of these questions.

I am sure they have their own tricks of the trade as far as sweating and stuff. See how they handle delivering “boxes”. Maybe even have them try and deliver one of yours somewhere.

I wonder what kind of insurance you need for this. I think it’s a great idea but our place is in a rural area so we would probably use horses instead. :wink:

I don’t like the bicycle idea. I think there are too many issues that come along with it.

I’d rather go the motor bike route. Go to your local dealer and buy a used one. Tell them you’ll give them $50 in pizza a month and $100 a month until it’s paid off. I think it’s a much better idea than a bike.

again… looking for something to critisize…

how much snow you think central texas sees?

about an inch every three years … GEEEEZ!

What a fool


Actually, I was making an attempt to nullify the sarcasm by offering a rational solution (modest proposal) to the ‘farce’ introduced in your premise. You also offered a false dichotomy in which your either have a successful bicycle delivery problem, or if fails miserably due to snow.

Voila! One snow-born bicycle solution provides a thrid solution and dissolves the proposed dilemma. I do tend to agree that spending this much money in Central Texas as insurance against snow blocked roads is pretty ludicrous and not financially necessary.

Not sure if this is a good idea reviving an old post, but I’m looking seriously at an e-bike I saw one at pizza expo and they have several pizzerias using them, anyone have any feedback , advice or experience with e-bikes, company in Vegas was ; not sure on legal liability but should be less than auto or motorcycle and in tight spaces easier to park and get on sidewalks etc.

When i was in Vancouver BC last August I saw a scooter with a box on the back…It was from a pizza place…In an area with no parking and 10s of 1,000s of addresses might be a good idea…

A customer of ours imports e-bikes into Australia and has offered me a free agency for them ($500 commission on each one sold - sell for $2800) when I finally sell my shop and move to Melbourne on the other side of Australia form where I am now.
Benefits of the e-bikes is that can be ridden on footpaths, need no driving licence, don’t need much room to park them etc. They can get to addresses quicker by cutting through walkways and being more manourvable etc, drivers can be 15 vs drivers licence age so you save on wages, car allowances, mv insurance (covered under workers compensation policy).
They wouldn’t suit all shops but would be great in cities and inner city suburbs where road traffic is heavy and there is dense housing and parking restrictions / accessibility.