Big 3 Price War

Just saw a commercial for PH’s large ‘lovers’ for 10.99. Anyone care to comment on the price strategies for the big 3?

$11.00 for a 14" pizza with a minimal amount of cheese, a few slices of pepperoni and ham, a little bit of sausage and some sort of soy filled product labeled as beef topping. My comment to that is 20% food cost for them.

The ‘lover’s’ as in Meat Lover’s. Pepperoni Lover’s - 84 pepperoni. They’re advertising large specialty pizzas for 10.99 not a 1 topping pizza.

My description is of my last large meat lovers pizza hut pizza I ate. I bet if I ordered at pepperoni lovers pizza from my local pizza hut it would have no more than 50 pepperoni slices on it. even at 84 slices and 14 slices to an ounce, they have less than 75 cents in pepperoni into their $11.00 pizza. 60 cents in cheese, 40 cents in dough, 20 cents in sauce, 25 cents for a box comes to 20%.

You actually ate it?!! :shock:

He may have eaten it, but that doesn’t mean he was able to digest it… :lol:

Today as I drove by Dom they had 2 large pizzas for 10 bucks. Crazy.

I tried their Pizza Mia pizza a couple months ago and I couldn’t eat it. I believe they use a different sauce on it and it was gross. The sauce cups they gave us for their pizzone and pizza rolls were great, but there was something foul about the sauce on the Mia pizza.

PH does this every now and then as one of their promotions. No real strategy other than to increase sales of their lovers line. As far as the pep lovers pizza goes it should according to PH specs have 90 pepperoni on a large. 30 on bottom then the cheese, xtra cheese if I remember correctly then the standard 60 pepperoni on top for a large. The pizza mia does have a different sauce, it’s gross. it also has a different kind of cheese unless PH has just switched to using one kind of cheese. I would guess that the sauce served with the pizone and the pizza rolls is their bread stick sauce which is a sweet sauce made thinner than their pizza sauce. I like PH pizzas, but it has to be made right. The quality varies from store to store depending on management and their lack of skills or their skills in training. But nothing beats a pizza made at an indy who uses fresh dough and fresh ingredients.

Hi Guys:

Interesting thing about pizza. No matter how bad it is there appears to be those who like it.

Several years ago when I was traveling around calling on pizza shops many of the products I encountered were unpalatable to me but they all were doing a respectable amount of business.

Reminds me of years ago some neighbor kids were in for lunch. My wife who makes fantastic spaghetti could not understand why the kids said it did not taste like real spaghetti. Turned out the were being fed some Chef Boyardee canned product at home, and really great spaghetti they did not like.

Perhaps what you are brought up with has an ifluence on future preferances.

George Mills

I’ve lived in my town for 30 years and before getting into the pizza business would travel to the next town along as the local pizza shops were dire.

Before I opened my 2nd shop (this one is in my home town) I tried a few of the local pies just to see if the competition had changed and again it was still bad. It just amazes me that people will eat such cr*p.