Big Bucks from Big Companies around you.

I normally dont start a new topic on TT but I thought that this topic could do some good.

This year I have been able to get my largest sales ever. Just last week I did a promotion with a large local company. I sold to them 560 $25 gift cards and $5 car washes (I own a car wash next to my pizza shop). That is a $16,800 sale! Now of course I gave them a huge discount.

Other companies have done the same thing as well with us. I want to share with you this idea of marketing to big business.

After developing relationships with Human Resource Directors at local companies I offered them a Holiday package worth the $30 in gifts to give to their employees for Christmas. I talked to them about the value of a family meal these days and how pizza night is shared by everyone everywhere. I showed them our menu and our meal deals and how each one of their employees could feed the family twice with the gift. My car wash speaks for itself. It is the best around and I have given all companies employees free car washes in the past. Anyway, the thing is that I showed them how much the gift would be appreciated.

IT also helps to take samples of your food in for them to share and give out a free $25 card to the hr director. There is alot of potential in a holiday gift card program and I would be happy to answer any specific questions you may have about what it took to get such a large order.

Great idea POTM. Not only do you get great sales, you put your product into many families homes and have an edge over your competition of becoming their favorite pizza place. I already do orders to many of the retailers during the Christmas season, this should be an easy sell to a few of them.

Just wanted to update on how this sale has affected our business.
They were handed out mid December.
Decembers sales increased $7500 over last year. $3200 worth of gift cards were redemmed.
So far in January our sales are up $6000 from last year! $2400 worth of gift cards were redemmed.
I would say this has been a very successful sale. I anticipate alot of repeat business from the many new customers we received through this sale.

I’ve been working on a similar idea, but for a business to give away as an incentive for customers to participate in programs. How much did you discount the gift cards for the business?

The discount we 35%. I was assuming that only 80% of the gift cards would be used but with so many being used already I may need to rethink that for the next sale.