Big chain moving in

Just found out a new concept is opening around the corner ( MOD pizza) 3,000 square feet and i’m a little 900 ft operator. My question is should I sell or what? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Big chain restaurants are under a lot of pressure, especially in the wake of more people wanting organic, fresh, home cooking alternatives to fast food. Now is a vital time though to differentiate yourself from the competition. Your marketing and positioning in your marketplace will decide whether the new chain restaurant will steal your customers or not.

One thing is for sure though, independent pizza shops have more opportunities and flexibility than franchise pizza places because you decide which direction to take your restaurant, not a corporate entity 1000 miles away.

Franchise pizza places can only out market you, but again, that’s an area you could compete in.

Ever eaten at MOD Pizza? I hope you can do better than that.

The best place to open your store is next to your competitors. Their advertising dollars bring people to the area. Get them to spend with you.

I was in the kitchen & bath business a number of years. The best place for an independent K & B retail store is within eyesight of a big box store. The both sell the same manufacturers with different names and the small store almost always has better trained designers and installers. The price is usually equal to or more often than not lower than the big box stores.

Twenty years ago I had a friend with a retail K & B outfit that was across from a local New England big box store. Well they closed that one location and my friends sales numbers really took a dive.