Big chain pie sizes please?

I thought I had this somewhere, but it’s buried and now I need it for training purposes (so staff can help guide customers deciding what size to buy from ME): Can someone tell me the current sizes offered by Dominos and Pizza Hut especially?
What they call it, and how many inches diameter?


most of the chain’s large pizza is 14" diameter, now the most popular size for “large”. overall, when you see a large pizza advertised, 90% of the time it will be a 14"

Domino’s recently came out with a “huge” pizza that is 16", here in Macon, GA
looks like it is another passing promotion


Thanks, and yep - that’s what I got when I simply had my wife call a couple places after posting the question… 12=medium, 14=large.

I also recall a friend getting an “extra large” from a PH, and it turned out to be something totally different in texture from their usual crust. Seemed like they just took a 14" crust and crushed it out to 16" with a docker or something…