Big Dave's Food Cost Pro

I was just wondering if anyone uses the Food Cost Pro software and if so, how do you like it? Thanks for any input.

I purchased the software several years back and after receiving it, the software was completely 100% unusable, as in I could not calculate one single menu item in it. This was after I spent a considerable amount of time inputting all of ingredients and prices into the system. I called Dave and spoke with him personally (super nice and friendly guy) and the response he gave me was essentially yes, he was aware there were problems and that he was having developers work on it. I was confused as to why one would sell something that was faulty and that they knew was faulty. I asked him for a refund to which he happily obliged. However, the refund never came through so I gave him a ring and he said we would process a refund immediately, I waited some more and it never came, I finally had to go through my bank to get the refund. In all fairness, I think this is something that just slipped through the cracks, from what I can tell, he still travels around the county and speaks at trade shows, etc so I know he is a busy guy. Again, like I said, he was a very nice person to speak with and was more than willing to chat with me all things pizza but I was disappointed in the software. Hopefully he has a new version with the problem solved now.

My programming skills have actually gotten somewhat decent. What makes the software easier to use than say building out a spreadsheet with formulas?

Yep, I agree with Scott. Just built a spreadsheet and since I already had the software (MS Excel), only my time is what it cost. Easy to input the new price of any item and see it instantly update all my costs and margins for every item I sell.

I made my own spread sheets too, they are complicated as fuck but I like em!

I’m on the side go using a spread sheet as well. I only spent a few hours making it and have found it to be priceless when it comes to knowing when to adjust the menu.