big dave's old faithful dough recipe

big daves recipe calls for 46 pounds of flour, the bags of flour that I get are 50 pounds does anybody know what the other ingredients would convert to using 50 pounds of flour

use bakers %. flour is 100% everything else is a % of that. if it was 50 pnds of flour and u needed 50% water then the water would be 25 pnds of water as an example.

since you already have a recipe. just figure out what % each ingredient is to the flour and then just turn the flour into 50 pnds and change the other ingredients to match.

46 times 1.09 = 50
So multiply all ingredients times 1.09
to make the dough using 50 lb flour


…Dave used 46 pounds because there is not 50 pounds of flour in the “50” pound bags, can vary by more than a %…
and he would measure the 46 pounds…

I have the recipe if you want it. My mom was watching me make dough (taking out the 4lb) and said that that was silly, so she did the math for me on everything.

But, now you don’t get to use the nice 16 ounces of oil…I still just take out 4 puonds.

I use a full bag of All Trump, 16 oz sugar, 10 oz salt (down from 15), approx 27# of ice water, or 14.5 Q & 1.75 yeast & 6C of oil blend, for what its worth…more oil for elasticity & performance

Here it is…

46 lb High G Flour              50 lb High G Flour    
7oz salt                               7.6 oz salt (just shy of 1 cup) (8 oz in a cup)
9oz sugar                            9.78 oz sugar (just shy of 1 1/4 cup) (10 oz in 1 1/4 cups)
1oz yeast                            1.1 oz yeast (2 tbsp yeast) (1 oz is 2 tbsp)
16oz veg oil                        17.4 oz veg oil (2 cup + 3 tbsps) (17.5 oz)
23.7 lb of water                   25.76 lb water (5 gallons + 2.5 quarts) 

You may have to play with the “just shy of”. I would give the first batch a go with the 50 lbs; 1 cup; 1 1/4 cups; 2 tbsp; 2 cups + 3 tbsp; and 5 gallons + 2.5 qts) and then adjust from there.

For what its worth I never tried it, as it is more complicated than just taking out the 4 pounds.

The “ounces” in Big Dave’s recipe are weight, not fluid.

So you are saying I should weigh 16 ounces of oil? I have been doing that recipe for six months using fluid ounces?

I’m just looking at the recipe listed in PMQ’s Recipe Bank. The 1st step listed is: “1. Accurately weigh out all ingredients.” That’s just my interpretation though.

Oil is by fluid ounces. Sugar, salt, yeast, flour and water are by weight. Flour is 46lbs so it would always be accurate. 50lb bags often have 49 to 51lbs in them.

I believe that brad randall is correct on this one if we are talking about the dough formulation at the PMQ Recipe Bank–with 46 pounds of flour and 16 ounces of oil. The 46 pounds of flour equals 736 ounces (46 x 16 = 736). With 16 ounces of oil, the baker’s percent for the oil is 16/736 = 2.17391%, or roughly 2.2%, which is the baker’s percent figure given in the Big Dave Recipe Bank recipe.

As a practical matter, there shouldn’t be a big difference. 16 ounces of vegetable oil is equivalent to almost 100 teaspoons. 16 fluid ounces, or two cups, comes to 96 teaspoons. So, the difference is about 4 teaspoons.


…I think 16 fluid ounces weighs 16 ounces

so doe water, water just takes up less volume than oil,


It is common for people to use 16 fluid ounces of water weighs 16 ounces, but technically 16 fluid ounces of water weighs 16.69 ounces.

Vegetable oil has a specific gravity of 0.924-0.928. The specific gravity of water is 1. That is why oil floats on water.