Big Dave's Ultimate Guarantee

was wondering if anyone is using this

was thinking of starting it to help offset the big 3 cheapo mktg
might bring customers in

I have tried it twice. I live in a very odd market. I was not able to measure any increase in business or specific results. Im not sure that my customers really gave much value to the offer itself. But, they may have appreciated the offer and realized that the quality of food/service was superior to others.

I know it has worked for others, so they may be able to assist.

Hi Guys Esp Dave,
I know I saw this thread a long time ago. And for the life of me I can’t find it in the archives. Can someone link me the original post on how this promo works or just give me a brief description. I’m rolling out new crusts and Chicago pies and would like to run it. I don’t know if people in my market will actually do it, but it will certainly give me clout. Thanks, sorry for burning up board space on old goods :oops:


Does this help?..