Big Holler/Point of Success Questions

I just got off the phone with Big Holler to go over my revisions to their menu. This is not a rant so please don’t flame. I just want to know how those of you using this combination handled the following issues:

  1. 1/2 specialty / 1/2 build your own. POS just treats a specialty as a topping. It seems to me that Big Holler should just be able to add each specialty as a topping. But I was told that, because they didn’t have a graphic for my specialty pizza, it couldn’t be added to the builder. Seems like a $.10 problem, but they claim its a $1000 solution (not literally).
  2. Any half/half portion pizza cannot charge the most expensive half (this is how we price ours and there is a button for it in POS). Essentially, I have to change the price structure of my entire menu to use Big Holler. :frowning:

Anyone run into this issue? How’d you handle it?

I ran into the issue of having to change my business model to suit their software during the beta test. I dropped out of the beta test for that very reason.

If memory serves me correctly the instructions from Point of Success tell you to set your specialty pizzas as a topping for the super button. If the two companies want to keep the customers they share happy, they really need to work things out.

I have not yet set up online ordering due to the restrictions that Big Holler seem to have with their software. I am looking for options.

Im glad that i don’t have these problems with mine.

Thanks Foodtec Solutions :slight_smile:

We also just had a recent issue with them when we changed our pricing structure. Because their pizza builder system couldn’t work correctly with our pricing we had to abandon their “pizza builder” and use a standard ordering system. Even now it doesn’t work correctly and our pizza prices don’t work correctly with their system. We were told they “couldn’t do it” or “it wouldn’t work”. We were using a company previous to them where these things DID work and it’s not complicated (we had security issues and customer service issues with the other company and that’s why we changed).

When we moved over to Big Holler we did not use the integrated online ordering with Point of Success (we are still using the fax ordering) because we wanted to try them out and make sure they could make it work. At this point in time we’re glad we didn’t because they still aren’t able to make it work the way we need it to work to make our orders come automatically into our ordering system. We are once again evaluating whether we want to stay with Big Holler (who continually tell us that “it won’t work” or “it can’t be done”) or find someone who really can meet ALL our online ordering needs.

P.S. I really don’t feel that we are are asking for something that most of the other pizza shops out there are already doing.

My experience w/BH has been successful…all of my 'ithusses" have been eventually worked out, once I became better acquainted with their system…

I believe they can do more things than you are led to believe, but I also believe they have a poor working foundation of P.O.S. - they know how to integrate it on-line, but the way we operators use it…

For the price, I feel its a good deal…but not perfect…nothing is…

I’ve found many, many work-a-round solution to common problems, once I became more familiar

I am looking into this to see how I can help.

I agree, it’s a good product for the price when you can integrate with POS. But, they seem to have no idea how to relate to their customers. I was recently told that they could do a change I wanted, but it would move my “price structure down-and-to-the-right”. :shock: Almost every time I have to call in, they say something that, while I’m sure they know what they mean, I have no idea what they’re talking about.

Jeff…not sure if it helps…my contact @ BH is mostly familiar with their system, but has VERY little experience with P.O.S., but has been most accommodating in my needs…

Once I had a better understanding of how their system works, I was able to do/make many changes, both to my site & to P.O.S.

BH caters to may pos systems & will never be able to function 110% with each one, as their are far too many variables…& each of us P.O.S. users have customized our systems to suit our business model…learn how to manipulate the BH system is the key…(and a good rep…)

It might of some help if we could just tweak some of their screens/html pages to add some custom info, from time to time…

and of course, to accept Firefox as a browser…

It’s great that with BigHoller we can make changes ourself but it doesn’t seem user-friendy/intuitive
or easy to figure out. Some kind of manual explaining how to make changes would be very helpful.
This way, those of us who are reasonably intelligent but with less of a technical backround and less time on our hands can figure out how to make it work for us.


a basic understanding of HTML is most helpful (there is an on-line editor on the BH side)

Access to or pages dedicated solely to your site would be helpful…(such as the credit card page, to better explain tip procedure, for instance…)

Learning how their discounts work and adapting your P.O.S. and store’s uniqueness comes with time & a good rep to explain, but, sadly, they are alwaus ‘tweaking’ their side, so many/some/all of the reps are still a bit unsure, from time to time

We normally recommend that a person interested in opening a pizza shop get a job in a pizzaria for a period of time so they see what is involved and can start to learn the basics. Would it not be a good idea for BH people to spend a few days in some of the different shops that use P.O.S. so they can get a handle on the challenges you guys are describing. It is one thing to have a glitch explained over the phone or via email, it is quite another to have to work around it on a busy night.

Just my 2 cents worth as an outside observer since I haven’t put P.O.S. in yet although, Jeff, the time is coming.


Rick, I couldn’t agree with you more…lol…

I think/believe tho the mucky muck higher-ups are geek/tech heads…not sure they;d get it…plus, their system is quite broad-based & not just pizza-centric…

BigHoller understands pizza and they are understanding more every day with the number of pizzerias we’re bringing to them! BigHoller is evolving just as Point of Success has evolved. The first release of Point of Success met the needs of most pizzerias, but it took us hundreds of customers to understand some of the more unusual needs.

I spoke with pcuezze about his ordering menu and pricing and gave a few suggestions to get the result he needs with what BigHoller has to offer. There’s a pretty good chance he’ll be able to make it work.

In the meantime, BigHoller is working on a number of ordering system enhancements to let them do more of what their customers are asking. Last week I received an announcement email from BigHoller about their new geographic delivery control capabilities that allow a restaurant to charge for deliveries based on driving distance from the restaurant and allow or disallow delivery orders based on location. This is a very good addition and I’m sure more are coming.

I want to give a shout out to Point of Success and Jeff. I’m confident that if Jeff Ward selected BigHoller to represent his company in the online game, then BigHoller will be strive to be as open, encouraging, supportive and willing to go the extra mile as Point of Success has been for those of us that have selected them.

I’m excited to see how this plays out and to hear back from ya’ll just how BH was able to tweak and meet your expectations over the coming months.

So after 3 years can you now order a half/half through Big Holler? I wouldn’t quite consider that an unusual need…

sounds like big holler is behind the curve. I use ethor they are alright but not with out fault…I used to use imenu360 and was very happy with them for the most part but they aren’t compatible with my pos system i say check em both out.