Big Holler VS ordersnapp for online orders?

I am pretty much set on Point of Success as my pos software. they use for their online ordering vendor. I have however noticed Big holler hasn’t up dated their website in forever when I click on the testimonials page some of the places they link to have closed and the domains have been snatched by a competitor. Today when i was looking at it I noticed that the first two places that were on their page as customer testimonials had both switched to ordersnapp aldo has POS software and is bacily in the processing bizz 2.75% and 10 cents a swipe I think it was. Anyone wnet form one to the other? anyone using big holler?

I use POS and Big Holler.

The good: They integrate seamlessly. The order shows up in our system. They can pay online or when they pick it up. The one time their system went down (in 4 years) they immediately let us know and it was back up in a few hours. It is easy to add more items when they pick up. Their system works on phones, computers, pads, etc.

The bad: There are a few limitations to the system such as not allowing people to add toppings to a specialty pizza, half and half pizzas, etc. The credit card processing using mercury (now vantiv) is 5.6% (same company in store is 3.1%) Not really a Big Holler issue but one nonetheless. One time!!! an item was missing. They were charged but it did not show up on our prep ticket or the receipt. This caused the worst online review we’ve ever received.

All in all I’m happy with Big Holler but wish they would improved it.