Big Mac Pizza

well after reading the gourmet pizza thread, I thought I would try this
I used 1000 island as the base worked great, added my beef then pickles and light cheese, and diced roma tomato’s
when it came out of the oven I added diced lettuce and finely shredded cheddar/colby blend and served slices to the dining room. EVERYONE loved it.
may just be our feature next month…


lol…maybe its great…but not somethng I would try off a menu…thats why I asked in the thread I started…are these uncommon pizza’s…more about fun and WOW factor…than really selling them…

over half of the customers said that it was something they would order, but if you look at our menu we have some creative pizzas

I love this idea!

As I am an obsessive completist . . . everyone together, now . . .

2 all beef patties (got it)
special sauce (your base)
lettuce (after it bakes)
cheese (shreeded after oven)
pickles (it’s in there)
onions (missing)
on a sesame seed bun (missing)

Some sauteed fine diced onions would make it more familiar . . . and some sesame seeds on the crust collar could be even more fun!

oops sorry. we did add diced onions after the beef and before the pickles…i think I will do it again tomorrow let you know

I make the big mac pizza once in while for my employees. I put sesame seeds on it, but have not added lettuce.

I like to experiment with ingredients you do not normally find on pizza and/or unusual combinatios. I envision someday having a section on the menu called “A Walk On The Wild Side”