Big magnets!

I want to print 4" x 6" full color magnets, does anyone have a good supplier. I want to print somrthing big to use instead of door hangers at the local collage.I can’t get past the front door on some new dorms, I was thinking of just sticking 10 magnets on the main door that had specials for the semster.Thanks What

Magnets are Roysters specialty. Give him a try. He has always done a good deal for me.

I’ve had good luck with Magnets by Pac. I get their 4"X10" with a 2 inch magnet across the back. Looks like for 10,000 with 4 color printing, you’ll be looking at just over 18 cents each with plate fees. I would definatly reccomend using the 2" magnet on back as opposed to the standard 1".

I’ve had success with In fact, I just ordered 2,000 magnets for our college kids. they’ll be ready to go by the time the kids get back. Which believe it or not is NEXT WEEK !!!

Thanks Guys!!
Had already talked to monster magnets for a mailer in november, I didn’t even think about using them.
Paul I like the 4 x 10, the minium order of 2500 is nice,I only really need them for the dorms I can’t get into.I still have 5000 door hangers for the rest of the apt… This is a test to see which one works better, i think the magnets will stick around longer.Thanks What

We’ve had them diecut a hole in these to use as a doorhanger. We’ve also used them as boxtoppers at times(a bit expensive but they stick around). They really are a good tool that are more versitile than they first apear.