Big Money Saver On Water Bill For Our Shop

Wanted to share this little item I picked up a couple months ago: … 183&sr=8-1

We have two public restrooms, Womens room and Mens room. I installed one in our Womens room and it dropped our water bill $25 the first month, effectively paying for itself in the first month (I picked it up on special on Earth Day for $19.00). I still need to put one in the Mens room, but I need to get the adapter to switch from a b a l l and c o c k system to be able to install it.

We’re open until 3 a.m. on the weekends since we’re in the middle of our downtown that has a lot of bars, but we lock the Womens room for that, so I imagine we’ll knock another $30-$50 off our water bill a month when I get the second one installed. Worst case scenario has us saving $600/yr for a $40 investment.

I was looking for this one, as it was the one I saw on “This old house”. We installed a similar one and it was easy and works well. It was from … let-basics and looks basically exactly the same but with a different flush lever.

If / when we open this would be part of our “green” movement marketing campaign that the folks around here seem to be on board with.

I was planning on installing a new dual-flush high efficiency toilet as the guts of our old one are about shot anyways (and it just looks old). Do these things reduce the volume of water used on both, uh, “flush types” or just for #1?

I was thinking a new toilet with a smaller tank and some aerating faucets would pay for themselves in short order.

It only reduces the volume when someone is flushing “liquids and tissues”, it does a full flush when they have “solids”… The EPA estimates that 75% of flushes are of the “liquids and tissues” variety, I think it’s higher than that in our restaurant. I put up a little sign explaining how to use the flusher and how many gallons of water it will save every year, haven’t had a single negative comment yet, even though they are a little awkward to use

We also put one in our house and, even though my 3 year old is potty training and using the toilet a lot, we got a print out of our water consumption for the last 6 months and it’s down 25%.

you can adjust the amount for either one within a range on the cannister.

That’s right, I forgot about that.

I decided to go with a whole new toilet instead of trying to retrofit the guts on that 15+ year old thing in the Campus store’s bathroom. Menard’s actually sold a dual-flush toilet (1.0 gpf/1/6 gpf) alongside a Water Sense (1.28 gpf) single-flush unit. I sat there for a good 15 minutes looking back and forth between the two with this thought about the dual-flush one kept going through my head:

“We’ll have to train employees how to flush the toilet.”

So - sorry guys - I wimped out and bought the K.I.S.S. single-flush model.

Maybe I’ll get a dual-flush one for home… I can’t get my kids to flush the toilet there anyways so I’d be the one pressing all the buttons.

Okay. In the “kick yourself for not doing this sooner” department, here are my recent water bills…

Jan: $138.90
Feb: $135.85 (averaged with March)
Mar: $135.85
Apr: $151.10
May: $242.55 (investigation reveals toilet running on)
June: $151.10 (new toilet installed at halfway point of period)

And now, in the 1st full month after installing a high-efficiency toilet…

July: $71.84

Wowza. Talk about a return on investment! Now the only water I’m wasting is the tears of joy I’m crying at the moment.

VERY nice! My consumption (remember, this affects how much you’re charged for sewage too) is 1/3 of what it was in January. Almost $20/mo. savings for EACH toilet and I only paid $18 for the flushers.

I want to buy a truck load of them and drive around to bars charging $20 labor to install each one.