big pizza boxes!

Hey y’all, I’m considering getting into the enormous pizza game. Anyone know where to get 32" pizza boxes? Star only does up to 28" it seems, and google isn’t much more help…

Thank you!

two things to keep in mind when you go that big… Will it fit through your doors without tilting it and will it fit in the car

Yeah i wanted to do 36" but yeah doors… So 32" it is…28" just doesn’t have the “umph” that 32" does.

What about doing a rectangle?..24" x 36" and you can still call it a 36" pizza…

Another thing to consider is if you can find deliver bags that are that large. We have a 30" because of that reason.

I received a sample of the 28" box today and I guess it’s big enough. My employees are pretty excited about it so there ya go…now we gotta figure out portions/$ on everything.FullSizeRender.jpg

Do you plan to deliver a 28" pie? We deliver a 24" and it’s a pain in the butt. They don’t fit in our regular bags, a few drivers can’t fit them in their car, they take forever to slap and top and they take up a huge amount of our oven. That said, we do sell 70-90 of them a week and growing so they have their market. I just cant imagine the exponential problems with a 28". Do you cook in a deck oven or on conveyors? Don’t try to use regular pizza screens as you will ruin these in no time. Buy discs to cook them on unless you have a paddle and talent to put them directly on the deck.

Awesome advice. Definitely will test for weeks before we launch is we decide to launch. We’re deck oven and screens, just recently switched to screens from peels, that’s why we can try out a ginormous pizza. I bought a couple 28" screens and pans today to test it out. I’ll try discs if the only thing rhat doesn’t work out is the bake… Thanks so much for the info. If I can sell 70-90 28" pizzas a week, we can all go home and retire…

Personally not a fan of huge pizzas. See them as a gimmick and not portraying the quality aspect of what you do.
Need to think about the consequences if you get complaints and need to re0make them and the cost you will incur doing so, not to mention extra time wait as these get cooked.
Too many variables for me.
Plus adverse effect from the community regarding encouraging obesity problem with doing such a big size.
I would rather be looking at what we do and how we can do it better rather than go out on a gimmick tangent.
Just my 2 cents worth for what it is worth

I was not even considering a pie that big for my soon (hopefully) to open place. the chains sell 12" med 14" large (that’s not a large) and 16" XL At first I wanted to go with 12" 15" & 18" but then I started thinking now I have to educate the consumer on why my large costs more but is more pizza. If I go with 12, 14, & 16 I can just be $1-2 more and let the quality explain the rest. That being said Boxes last forever so its just dough. Do you make special dough balls you have to toss if you don’t use them ? or do you throw three 16 Inch dough balls together? If there was no dough waste I think maybe its a no brainier to sell a 28" pizza. charge a premium price for it and take what I get if I sold 2 a day at $49.00 each that’s 700 a week. I think I need to revisit this idea.