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first let me thank you for responding. since the last post “floor plan help” i have realized that i need more space so i told my friend landlord to give me 2000sq ft.instead of 1300sq ft. so would a 600sq ft kitchen be enough for this size ? and how many seats ? what sq ft is required for the pizza area,(double deck B.P.,counter.67" pizza prep table)? thank you

my new kitchen design is 25x25 ( ) fits and works well but thats putting an outdoors walkin cooler

We have done floor plans for several thousand successful pizzas carry out and delivery shops. Many table service pizza shops and other foodservice opperations.

1000 sq feet preferably 20 feet wide 50 feet long for the kitchen alone is the least we recommend for a basic pizza operation. Larger if you Have an extended menu.That includes a 50 sq ft rest room and 80 sq ft walk in. Lobby if carry out / delivery prox. 7 ft. X 20 Ft some more very few less
If seating wanted, add as many sq ft as possible and practical for your marketing area. If you have extensive seating go back and add sq ft for a dish washing area to the kitchen, probably larger Walk in
and more dry storage, possible walk in freezer.

George Mills


What all gets included in that 1000 sq feet? My ‘kitchen’ is 485 sq feet, but I also have a dish room- 121 sf; a separate storage/pantry area incl reach-in coolers etc. - 228 sf; a bathroom and dry storage area - 294. That gives me a total working space of 1128 sf (21 x 47 and 12 X 19) if that seems approximately what is included in your 1000 recommendation.

Is that what you generally include in your layouts??

Yes nick;

your view of the space required for a pizza kitchen is about the same as ours.

George Mills

I am looking at space of 32x65 (2080 sqft total). It looks like we will be able to do semi-split down the middle with 9 booths for 36 seats and 5 free tables in the middle for another 20. I am doing a 8x10 walk-in inside, two bathrooms per code, and space for oven expansion later (5x10) area. Hope this helps.

You can find a pre-lim floor plan here: