Biketoberfest? Anyone near Daytona beach?

Heading to biketoberfest wanted to see if anyone is around there so i could eat some good pie!

I was thinking that it might be renamed as “jet ski” fest this year. I was thinking of it as the hurricane blew through there.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I was hoping I could make it there this year, but didn’t happen.
Next year I do plan to make the big 3 FXR events across the country

It was my first time and crazy. The hotel that accepted my reservation decided to close without telling me. So after 4 hours at the iron horse listening to David allen Coe live and the wall of death i had to ride the 250 miles home. Id go back for sure though, great laid back crowd.

There’s a kick start fxr shovel for sale near me i keep eyeing, but they screwed it up and put a dna springer front end on it. But kick start shovel fxr is my bucket list, bike.

There was one up here you could have had for $3,200 a few weeks back, it had the OEM hard bags and tour pack, no fairing though. My bucket list is an FXRT or FXRP (Evo, or TC conversion)