Billboard advertising

has anyone tried to advertise with outdoor billboards?

I used a company that did mini billboards for about 1 year. I decided my money was better spent on a delivery vehicle that was unique. My thoughts were the vehicle went to where my customers are rather than quickly becoming part of the visual background noise. vans.jpg

@Daddio, those look AWESOME. How much did they cost to get done?

As for billboards, I have the feeling those are more or less effective depending on where you are. PMQ did a little story on billboard advertising in 2001. It wasn’t planned, our editor at the time Tommy Boyles just wrote about them because he couldn’t ignore the place during a drive to Las Vegas.

Though, I have a feeling that this was so effective because it was over long stretches of lonely highway in the desert.

Daddio, what make and model are those vans. They do look pretty unique and I’m in the market for one.

These are both 1994 Mitsubishi Bravo right hand drive vans. They are legal here in Canada but I hear there are restrictions in most states

We painted up a ford transit van for Pizza TV. It’s a great vehicle! I’ll try to find a picture of it for ya @Uncle Rico.

I have been looking at the Ford Transit Connect. How long have you had it and do you like it? Would love to see a picture of it.

photo (7).JPG
Here is a picture from the back, trying to find a side pic too. It’s a transit connect. We’d had it for oh at least 4 years. It’s great! Really comfortable and spacious. We’ve driven it all over the country and haven’t had any issues with it except for a loud sound when the doors unlock (this is something we’ve wanted to get fixed but it’s quite expensive for a minor issue). It doesn’t affect the functionality of the van, only your “coolness” factor.


We don’t normally have that PMQ taped to the side, that was just for this event we did (Slice of Americana pizza competition). But we’re certainly known around town! When I visit Oxford I frequently get a “yeah I knew you were in town. I saw you driving the pizza van!” We’ll also get strangers ask us if we deliver pizza. They always seem sad and a bit like they’ve been fooled when we tell them no, we’re a pizza trade magazine, we don’t have any pizza in the van.

Also, if you got this van I think it could be really good for delivery to install a metal shelf or two in the back. There is a lot of vertical space in the trunk. It’s something that someone at a trade show suggested when they saw our pizza mobile on the show floor. For us it’s not practical because we frequently put furniture in the back.

Thank you that’s exactly what I was looking at getting