Birthday parties? who does them and how?

I need some ideas for a package. So many pizzas…breadsticks…2 litre of coke and a reserved table for so long…all for x amount of dollars. Give me some ideas that are working for some of you. I appreciate your input.

You can look at my party menu on my site.

We do about 2-3 parties a week in our party room. It holds up to 30 people. I let them have the room for 2 hours and spend a minimum of $70
People love it.

Let me know if you want any more info - I’m glad to share!

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I remember that there was a poster whose pizza business centered on birthday parties. He’s in California. I don’t remember if I read about him here or on the Pizza Today forums. Contacting him or someone such as him would be a good idea.

since we opened our new store we have had many things we are working on and one thing I want to do is approach a couple of businesses and tream up (local movie theatre and a Rock climbing place to host the parties and I provide the food!
not to steal your thread but anyone else have a good idea (we dont have a skating rink and the bowling ally refuses because they have there own place to make pizza)

Okay, I finally remembered a good article for you. It wasn’t a forum thread; it was a magazine article.

Look at the January/Febuary Issue of PMQ’s Pizza Magazine. You can download it online from this website. The article is on pages 26, 27 and 28. It was written by Liz Barrett. It is one of their “Marketing Marvels” articles.

Link to text only version of article:

The digital version has some photos, including the front and back of a scratch-off coupon and a fundraising card.
Digital Magazine:

I believe it’s well worth the reading.