Birthday Parties

So now that I have my dining room open, I am looking to add birthday parties to it. Does anyone do this, and if so, what are some of the ideas that have worked? Do you charge a flat fee or a per child fee?


I am going to offer a package for parties that includes festive happy birthday cups, plates, napkins, hats, table cloth, balloons, pizza (1 per so many kids), and this will be offered at x dollars per child. I will also sell upgrades of all kinds like party bags, tokens, ice cream, string pull pinatas, birthday shirts, more balloons, and themed premium party supplies from popular kids movies. Don’t forget to offer your party mom or dad food for any adults that might be staying with their children. You can sell lots of extra pizza, wings, soda, and appetizers this way. Veggie trays with ranch dip always seem to do very well, especially with the moms and quite a few kids. Good luck.

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