Birthday program

I am looking to start a birthday program with my database. I was wondering what has worked for anyone and did you do a gift card or give the discount in a letter form/



I havent seen and pizza places doing it, but I know alot of chain and fast food restaurants do. Most offer a coupon of some sort just for signing up for thier email offers online. Some give free meals or free app. with a meal, or a dessert on your birthday. Some mail it out but most just use an online coupon, sent a week before your birthday and is good for as long as a week after your birthday.

We have a pretty successful birthday program. For now it is for kids but picking at ideas on doing it for adults too.

We collect birthdays off coloring sheets (also used for a “coloring contest”) The addresses go in my database for direct mail. The birthdays go in a three ring binder and is seperated by months. Once a week we add the birthdays to the binder from the sheets. Twice a month we send out birthday postcards. Says Happy Birthday and that they can enjoy a free 10" pizza.

I have found the binder works better for us than a database because the job can be past along to employees. They enjoy doing it. They hand write the post cards and mail them.
The three ring binder allows us to add paper as needed.

Pretty old school but one of our most successful sales building ideas. Everyone goes out to eat for their birthday and everyone has a birthday. :stuck_out_tongue:


You probably don’t want to see what those “adults” would draw on the coloring sheets! :shock:

And then again, maybe you would! :roll:

I send out an email the 1st of the month to all the Birthdays.
Wish them Happy Birthday and offer a FREE DESSERT with a $20 order.
It’s good all month long.

When they sign up for emai, I send them an email for 10% off any $20 order…good for 2 weeks.