Does anyone accept it here?
A few other shops around me are accepting it.
I still feel vague about it though.

Nope, it needs a few more years to mature and time for the IRS to figure out there rules for it imo.

it has been a very volatile currency, i’d be very weary of using it because of that, and the fed might get tweaked over it too.

Why would anyone even consider it?

Have you had even one person walk out grumbling “I’m not eating here, they don’t take bitcoin.”?

First on yelp someone gave 4 stars saying it would have been 5 if they take Bitcoin. Then on monday I see a pizza place that does 40,000 a week is accepting it along with passing out informational printouts about Bitcoin. I thought maybe more were doing it than I realized

When someone wants to give me money. I try not to limit the ways in which they can do that. I’ve had it on my mind since we opened. Haven’t looked into it enough to do it yet though.

Can you pay in fractions of a bitcoin? Never used it before but I know one Bitcoin is worth over 100 bucks now

Never been asked. Not interested. Did get asked about Apple Pay for the first time last week though.

Apple pay is running double the fraud % of the regular CCs currently. Not entirely Apple’s fault, more the banks but still. Honestly i do not understand this obsession with putting your life into your phone. True it is not any different then a wallet, but i do not need power to use my wallet.

Yup, they have units equivalent to a penny.

I’ve never been asked before either, but I typically bring it up when someone asks if I take AMEX or Discover. “I try not to limit the ways in which you want to give me money, I’ll take bitcoin if I can figure it out”. I’m sure there aren’t a lot of retailers taking it right now, might be a good way to get some press.

It may get you some unneeded attention too.
There was a guy in our town who was running his diesel expedition on SVO (Vegetable oil recovered & filtered from his deep fryers) the newspaper did an article on him, and within a few weeks he got investigated for not paying excise taxes, driving on publicly funded roads without purchasing taxed fuel. So they figured his mileage, and figured fuel economy, and charged him a set amount fine per mile driven.

This is a sad world we live in! poor guy is doing something good for the environment and big brother has to bring the hammer down SMH!

There are many people charging their electric cars with solar power, some of which were installed with government subsidies. It really is an f’ed up world we live in.

Would be nice if the taxes we already paid were used correctly in those situations. IE the license plate tax should have been adjusted for exactly that reason.

One idea i heard around the time of electrics coming out, was to change the gas tax to a tire tax. That way EVERY car pays their fair share of the road maintenance.

While many other forget where the bulk of our electricity comes from, coal-fired power plants, yet they call their electric cars “Zero Emission” vehicles.