Black Book Letter

What would be the best day to have a black book letter hit? I guess that question goes for all direct mail, but since I’m sending the BB letter first class I can pinpoint when it will hit exatly.

I heard Monday and Tuesday are bad because of all the ADVO and magazines that hit those days. Other than that, what would be best between Wed though Saturday?

When do you want the orders? A friday drop is almost a guarantee of getting your doors blown off (if it’s a good offer) on Friday and Sat nights. However, those are also your busiest nights anyway. If you drop on Wed, you’re probably not going to get the PERCENT of return that a Friday drop will get you, but 50 extra pizzas on Friday night or 30 extra on Wed night is where you’ll have to decide importance and priority. Most shops have a hard enough time on Fri/Sat that they might rather have a spike on Wed than on Fri.

Another option is to do trial and error. Send to one area on Wed this week, one on Thur next week, and one on Fri the next.

If I had my choice it would be Thursday.