Black Book on ebay

Just listed my black book by Kameron Karington on ebay. Heres the link: … 0076819023

did you read it? did you use it?

theres enough marketing info on here that you probably don’t need it. I’m sure Jr_0kk will help… his fees are pretty reasonable from what i seen.

I’m also curious as to it’s helpfulness.

Can anyone here in the forum speak first hand of their experience with this book ?

Very useful… will pay for itself in a week if you use some of the resources.

I have this book and have just finished reading it about 2-3 weeks ago. The information that I recieved changed my attitude and approach on marketing my store. Their is definately alot of usefull information on this forum that also helped me out. I believe that those who do not purchase the book are missing out on the details of a great marketing plan. Although, I have not implemented everything I have learned from the book. I will be doing this and it will probably take the whole year to see the results. I will keep everyone updated. In saying all of this, you can either take 2 sides: 1. Blow it off and read this forum and get some great ideas 2. Read this forum, read the book and blow your sales up like crazy. My attitude is that this is war and I am definately going to kick some *ss in my are

Pizzapad, I have read the book cover to cover, and reread a few sections multiple times. As Rob says, many of the stratagies offered in the book are public knowledge here on the think tank. I used quite a few ideas I got from the book, and found quite a few that I didn’t think would work in my market. In all, it gives great insite to the mindset that is neccesary to succeed in marketing in saturated markets. It’ll make you rethink everything you pay money for advetising your store.

please don’t re-sell the black book, let me buy it back

and stop bidding on your own items.

Come on Kamron! What’s wrong, looking for ideas?

Your columns in pizza today have been pathetic. They have pictures taking up half the page and you still can’t fill the rest.

The Black Book was great and all, but you haven’t had an original idea in a long time. You and Big Dave are in the same boat. PMQ sure doesn’t need you anymore.

can it be that you are just jealous that i live next to a sexy lookig bodybuilder?

you better watch out, or i will start sending my powerful letters to all your customers.

and for an extra 199.99 i will throw in my new training manual on how to sucker in your next customer.

The price on e-bay is high. I am worried the seller “bids” on his own product. If so, it is not a fair market price. Be forewarned.


yeah, something stinks here

“The Black Book was great and all, but you haven’t had an original idea in a long time. You and Big Dave are in the same boat”

I am a big fan of Kamron Karington. The guy is very, very smart. I am sure to utilize his services when I open. BUT, as I have seen so many times, ppl start loosin ideas,talent once they devolp greed. I realy hope that is not the case with Kamron here. He is too smart to loose talent over $$. Keep it up Kamron you are GREAT!

thanks pal,

but honestly, i haven’t had an original idea in a long time. you know, after i made all that money on the black book, i had a brain fart. hey, it happens.

but for only an extra 19.95 i’ll e-mail you my newest thought.

punjabi? weren’t you in “the empire strikes back” … just wondering

Here you go. That was my concern, $19.95? In that case pal, you are being too cheap for your reputation. I would either just give it away or ask for some respectable ammount. Intelligence+greed=disaster. Not necessarily for you. but, for the people who need your services. hope you won’t loose that extraordinary brain over $$.

I haven’t watched that movie & never seen Las Vegas yet. Desparately trying to make to the pizza show. Hopefuly see ya there.

I was reffering to the reputation. This gentleman(Kamron) has established killer reputation. To me it was too cheap of him to ask for $19.95. Ford may give one of their lowball cars for free. Rollis royce or Ferrari won’t. They will either dump’em or charge $$$. Then what do I know. I am a newbie here. Kamron and Paul7979 are the pizza geeks. I come here to learn from thease extraordinary gentlemen.
Thanks guys for your great support.
Punjabi Guy.


Don’t you guys realize that the person posting a “kamron” is not the real Kamron - but someone poking fun at him (and you)?

see…even I can post as Kamron (notice it says guest?)