Black book on Ebay

Hi anyone know how black books usually fetch on ebay?



I’d be interested also - I’m looking to sell one but don’t know what price to start with - don’t it going too cheap!!!

Things really go for what their worth on ebay. Start at a penny so u get more bids, people get sucked in to the auction and u get a higher price :wink:

let me know if ur putting it on ebay

I think I got $215 or so for mine on ebay.

yeah, i was gonna say the last one i saw sell on there was for about $200

the above is sage advice - so many ebay newbies list their items at a high price hoping to at least get “x” out of the deal but instead attract no bidders…

I am getting rid of my black book. Have had it for about a year and have gotten about all that I will out of it. Just taking up space on my shelf now. If any one is interested it is listed on ebay. Just do a search for “the black book”.

otis how is yours holding up? are you using it?