Black Cheese from Hobart Pelican Head while Shredding

Any ideas how to prevent the occasional grey cheese from the pelican head while shredding blocks with our mixer. Usually, we lightly oil the shaft with mineral oil and remove any excess but it does not seem to work. I have a new pelican head attachment insert that seems to do the same thing…wondering if I need to replace the pelican head…any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Perry, I get this from time to time, and it is from inside the machine… all the oil builds up and solidifies. Try getting inside there and cleaning it up a bit.


I think Rob is right. I would completely disassemble, clean, and then lubricate with white grease.

Ya its grease mixing with the cheese

I disagree with the other reponses however. Take it apart clean it totally and then when you shred cheese just spread a little olive oil on the bronze bearing on the pelican head its safe and effective and doesn’t matter if you eat a little bit

I don’t care if its black grease or white grease I don’t want to eat that stuff

I’ve been doing this for years works great and its safe

Agree with joker - there ought to be no way for grease from the mixer itself to travel through to where the cheese is being grated. The black grease (when I see it in my cheese) is from the olive oil that I use to lubricate that bronze bearing. It only happens when I do a large amount of cheese (I’m assuming that the friction heats up the oil & turns it black) or the bearing wasn’t washed properly from the day before. Try using a little olive oil on a paper towel to wipe the bearing clean and lube before cutting cheese. Your problem ought to go away.

thanks guys…a good cleaning ias all it needed…unfortunately it tok me to show my guy what that means