Black Friday

The wife and I were looking forward to a day and half off this week, closd on thanksgiving and not opening until 4PM on Friday. We had a couple movies already selected to watch. This afternoon we got a visit from the manager at the new Lowes they built near us. They do not want their people leaving the store on Black Friday to eat. What would it cost to provide food for 100 people, 50 at 11AM, 50 at 4PM and could we handle it? Needless to say I lost my free morning and afternoon but it is worth it to be the pizza shop of choice for the second largest employer in a 2 mile radius not to mention a 38 pizza order prepaid!!
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Good for you!! It is very nice to get those customers. I do my best to keep them happy even if it means no day off for me.

I have a group of car dealerships that do a once a month order for 25 to 30 pizzas and the Emergencey Services use me to do their big orders. Last night it was a quarintine of 120 staff at an oilfield company that had received a suspicious package. We had 40 pizzas and 120 cans of pop out to the site (5 miles away) in just under an hour.

Look after these customers and they will look after you.

Good for you. That’ll help offset the missing revenue from Thursday. If it were me, I would still keep the store closed until 4 and just focus on the two orders. That way you can possibly do it with just you and your wife. I love running zero labor when I could. You should be able to run some awesome numbers for that day.

Also, knock their socks off and they’ll come back for more.

we are on the route that most are taking to the great deals
so I am offering free coffee and opening earlier than normal (10 instead of 11)

So far I have 122 pizzas pre ordered for friday. 6 different retailers have set orders up with me, most with multiple deliveries throughout the day starting at 10AM and 4 different orders to be delivered at 10:30. Still hoping for a couple more companies to call orders in. Best part is in past years two of these retailers have ordered from me throughout the holiday season totaling nearly 300 pizzas each from late November through December. Hopefully the same will be true this year.