Black Ops Marketing System

I just finished reading the Black Ops Marketing System, and I must say, I’m kind of impressed. Has anyone else read it?

I was thinking about purchasing this as well but am a little skeptical about it considering the price and seeing so many other companies claiming to have the answer to pizza marketing. Are you able to elaborate on what you liked about the program without going into to much detail? What is your market like and do you think this information will help with business?

“Angry American” version of the Kamron’s Black Book with real life experience. I have both and refer to things in both but marketing does not build sales. Marketing enhances opportunities to sell more often. If you spend time making to hard for customers to do business with you and have poor operations and SERVICE, all the marketing in the world wont change your path.

Dale you are so right…The other night I got a menu in the paper…I was out and about and stopped in to buy a pizza to take home…The staff was rude…When I went to order a “special” that was in the menu I got in the paper and in the stand on the counter, they said that “special” did not start for a couple days and they would not let me…I left and got subs instead…

As 314 said, if your product and service aren’t top notch, that should be your focus before marketing. The black book and black ops marketing share a few ideas, but with their own experiences with the strategies. Black ops marketing had pretty creative ways of taking a method of marketing, such as post cards and personal letters, and maximizing their effectiveness. It had some ideas in there that will make your customers feel like they’re buying from a friend that truly appreciates their business, instead of big business where you’re nothing but an order number. He has “the $500 launch” for people who don’t have a huge marketing budget to start, which is good for me since I just bought my shop a few months ago. I’m aggressively implementing this week, and I’ll let you know how successful the first part is for me this weekend.

Thanks for the responses guys. As for my restaurant, I won the “People’s Choice Award” for best pizza in my county (out of 17 other pizzerias). I feel that my service is good, and am always trying to find a way to make it better. As the owner, I make myself available to customers, especially when dining in; so much that with all of my regulars, I can have their order written down before they place it. Biggest problem that I feel that I have is that I am in such a small market, roughly 5000 people in a 5 mile radius. I am the only actually pizza restaurant in town (there is a carryout and a gas station that makes quick conveyor pizza). The closest towns with other competitors is 8 miles away.

I am located in downtown that has low traffic count. There is no other locations available in the area and when I plan to build my own building, I will be the first business to deal with this in the town. (Now, the new location that I am looking at is on a state route that has a traffic count of 7500 cars per day ( unlike the 125 car count at my current location).

The area is a growing area, with 15 to 20 new houses being built a year in a subdivision just 2 miles from my current location. However, despite flyers, PR promotions with schools, website, being listed first when searching for pizza in my area, being active on social media, I don’t seem to be having many of these customers at least trying the food for the first time. And one of my waitresses also works a mail route for the post office, says that 60% of her route has never tried my restaurant once (Been in business for 6 years). My restaurant is clean, with newer chairs, bar stools, new laminate flooring, and refurbished tables, with 3 TV’s around the bar and a 140" projector TV for viewing in the main dining room.

Sales have not dropped from year to year, and profit is in the black, but i am looking to bring my sales to the next level. This is why I was wondering what wjcraig2003 liked so much about the book compared to other books and companies claiming to bring sales up.