black ops pizza marketing

Hi just found an ad for in the digital issue of pmq. I went to the link and it looks like the typical scam website to sell a book or something. My guess is it is just a revamp of the “Black Book” anyone know anything about this?

First of all… this is not “me.” It’s not the Black Book… maybe a knock-off… I don’t know.

I see a lot of “borrowing” from my site…

Anyway… despite all the standard direct response copy… “I was broke, now I’m rich” stuff… the lack of testimonials means this is probably new… maybe it’s got some earth-shaking stuff… maybe not.

There is a guarantee though… so what the heck… maybe you’ll learn something… If it’s junk… send it back.

Kamron Karington

Sure, go ahead and try it. It’s guaranteed. Return it and you will find out they’re out of business or you will be waiting six months or more for the return of your money.
What’s this guy going to do after he sells the 500 copies? Rename and sell another 500 copies under a new title.


Not sure where he got the info but I can at least attest I know the guy hawking the goods. 10 Years ago when I was first starting out as an owner after 15 years of working for others I frequented the tt. I met a ton of guys & gals in the same shoes I was in. I met some nubes and some vets.

Paul Baker was also a nube. So maybe he got the Black Book as I did…maybe he also got some of the other stuff and is now compiling it and matching it to HIS real world experiences.

I know unless he has updated his stuff to be really current, some things that worked in 2002-2006 are not working in 2011-2012. Although some of it is!

Hi everyone. Sorry if there was any confusion that the Black Ops Pizza Marketing is in any way associated with Kamrons Black Book. There is both new and old stuff included in the course.

For example, I did find a way to increase the response rate that your getting from Kamrons Black Book letter by up to 32% (If you havent gotten kamrons book yet… shame on you, its an invaluable resource). It cost around 200 bucks and takes less than five minutes of your time to implement.

The first time I learned about this tactic my response was Holy Crap! Actually… I think the word I used started with and “S” and had a more deep emotional meaning, but whatever.

Look, I know a lot of people are skeptical (and rightfully so), so heres what I’ll do. For the next few days, shoot me over an email at and I’ll send you over this tactic out of the Black Ops course for you to study and implement. That way you can decide for yourself if the information is useful to you.

And yes… I will live up to the guarantee. If you think the course isnt worth the money, send it back for a complete refund, theres no hard feelings. No amount of money is worth a tarnished reputation.

Paul Baker

I know I’m resurrecting a really old post here, but I’ve just bought Black Ops Pizza Marketing and I can’t take it seriously. Paul, you really need to either learn the difference between your and you’re, or get somebody who does to proof read the book. I’m only on page 39 and I don’t want to read any further!