black spots in dough

from time to time black spots appear in my dough after its been a couple of days old anyone had this happen? could it be some form of mold?

its your yeast dying

yes, it happens to us as well from time to time. I think it’s from the yeast, not sure why…but it usually only happens in the large dough balls.

Well, if they’re specks and not spots, that’s your yeast fermenting in the dough. The yeast eats the sugars and releases gases inside the gluten structure. The result would be the brown or black specks you see on the outer layer. The older the dough gets the more you’ll see the specks. -J_r0kk

i thought it was bunny doo-doo

If I remember correctly, those spots (specks) are not because of yeast.

It is actually rust. Oxidized bran.