I have a blackbook avail if anyone is interested. I’ll probably list on ebay when I get around to it. If anyone here is interested, let me know in the next couple of weeks.

Send me a PM with your price

send me price!

Excuse my ignorance? What is a blackbook?

It is a marketing guide for the pizza industry.

pm your price as well

Ill sell mine for $200. I for got my user name so let me know your email and we can set something up.

PizzaManMike, if Daddio made a deal with the other person who listed a BLACKBOOK, then your up next. I"ll go the same, $200. Daddio, if that doesnt work out post here and you can have it for $200. Sorry, cannot remember my password to get messages.

I still have no reply so PM me or sent me an email to work out details.

Still interested in selling black book?

i’ll give you 50.00 for your blackbook

Sure, I’ll send you two. Do you want Sundays off also

I was joking! But hey, it was worth a try! :lol: