bleach alternative

anyone know of something else to use that wont destroy shirts

If you are talking about laundry, then use washing soda . . .“color safe bleach”.

If you are talking about sanitizing in the shop, the quaternary sanitizer may be you trick. Ammonia based, I belive?

We switched to quats and it’s been much better.

The quat doesn’t get the iced tea stain out of the glasses though, so we keep a little bleach on hand for that.

I buy a sanatizer powder for my bartenders to use, 1 pack gives the water the perfect ppm. It’s called Beer Sanitizer but I know they make other sanatizer powders that come in a bucket.

I’m in the process of looking for a good cheap one as well, because my staff has black shirts, after they get done with the dishes they have nice orange bleach stains all over them :x

Yup; it’s chlorine based like bleach. Nice orange on the clothes. 180F water temperatures will work as well :o)

I use quats, I like it alot.
As a side note. Color over the orange spots with permanant magic marker the same color of your shirts. My staff think i am a genius when I pull out my trusty magic marker! lol :smiley: