Block plus pricing

I am wondering how much you are paying over block for cheese ? For information sake I am buying 300 pounds a week. I just checked my invoice and I am getting charged .56 over block per pound. The next week it went up to .63 .

i gave PFG 99% of my business. With the caveat, that i get three things at cost.

  1. pizza cheese… block moz 100% whole milk, particular supplier, yada yada…
  2. flap meat (my steak and cheese sub)
  3. whatever i felt like arguing that week…(granted I’ve known my salesman for a long ass time)…

moral of story…they will budge/move…especially if you give a little loyalty back.

yes I do still price check him, he always does me right on the big stuff. Let them make some points on the little stuff, profit is not necessarily a four letter word…everyone gotta make a buck.

$2.11/lb in May(the invoice in front of me). Pretty sure it went up a tad over the summer… but not much.

Flap meat for steak and cheese?
What are you paying?

I buy over 2k lbs weekly and am currently paying .15 above market. Last week was 1.97lb for whole milk block mozzarella

$6.95/lb I should prob check him on that one, it’s crept up a bit…we’ve all been way too busy to pay attention.

Maybe I am the only one but I have no idea what flap meat is :wink:

I also use PFG but supposedly paying $0.01 over cost (I have another vendor that I buy some to keep them honest). Paid $2.25 this week (Saputo Whole Milk Wisconsin Loaves)

Flap meat is whats used for steak tips in New England.

I paid $2.35 for diced 50/40/10 cheese blend.

we paid $2.35 this week for a 3 cheese blend diced.

Usually .15 over block price but these market prices are beyond crazy right now. Market close at $2.052 today! WTF!