Block Plus

Can ya’ll give me some info on block plus…how it works what kind of delay is there and how much over block should I have to pay?

And does it literally mean x amount of cents over the block we see on the CME?

Thanks…we are are meeting with sysco on Wed and ANYTIME I bring up block plus they look like deer in the headlights.

We are currently on block plus with our supplier.

I am not sure if my negotiated rate is optimal but it is what it is. We pay 30 cents over block. When the market closes on friday and the average for the week is $1.50 we pay $1.80 a pound for cheese on Monday.

Prior to block plus the pricing was driving me nuts. When it came down fast, my supplier dragged it’s feet lowering the price, but when it jumped up, they were all over it. Finally after bitching enough about the pricing they agreed to put me on block plus even though I am a independent with one store. We use about 18-20 cases a week.

Good Luck.


Thanks for the input…I know a few posters have a delay of some kind. We are in the position you were in…quick to go up and slow to go down. One excuse after another so we are switching vendors and with it I want to have the knowledge to get what I want which is block plus.

As of now I can’t find any rhyme or reason to our current suppliers pricing. Still wanting to charge me 2.15 for mozz so I’ve been driving to restaurant depot and paying 1.71. Significant savings for me.

Kris, thats a big difference: $2.15 vs. $1.71. That’s $440 per 1000 lbs!! You’d think your supplier would be more interested in retaining your business.

Roma has been competitive for me, but we’re aren’t big enough to get a price quote like Tony.

A few months back we got a new sales rep and it has been a nightmare with our prices. Our food cost just keeps climbing without rhyme or reason. We loved our other guy and more important trusted him as much as we can a salesman.

This new guy just really hasn’t given us much attention as far as retaining our business. He knows we are looking and that we have been going to RD and not a word about working it out. We realize they need to make money and can’t match RD prices but it would be nice to be in the ball park.

I told my husband a good salesman should realize it is easier to RETAIN a customer than it is to find a new one. A lesson I am glad to be reminded of with my own customers.

Sysco has been busting their tails trying to get us and hopefully we can get block plus of some kind.

We shall see…thanks for the input