block price down 11 1/4 today

Lets not get to excited, but it is nice to see a big drop. :smiley:

and tomarrow, up 25

Look at the barrel - down like 28 cents. The block and the barrel usually stay pretty close in price so one should move to meet the other. With fuel and feed prices dropping - I’m thinking it’s the block taking another step down.

They met in the middle today. Block down 13.25, barrel up 15.

Well if you read the tea leaves there is a lot strain in agriculture right now. A ton of speculator money has poured into the market just like oil and others and is bastardizing everything. Now that everthing is coming to a head…because even the farmers are complaining. Alot of the elevators can’t buy their grains right now ( too far out into the future) because they are tapped because of the price and because they don’t believe it to stay where it is. It’s pretty bad when hedge funds and index fund companies are buying elevators farming outfits. You know this is a money play.

And if you check the CME daily ( like I do)…for as long as I have watched it I have never seen the block price in cheese be determined by a " bid" or and " offer" it has always been after the product moved. If you look at two months or so…cheese prices would move up based on " bid " then the next day a few loads would move based on a higer bid but ton would sit in " offer " . Then the price would move up again. So I think we are starting to see many things unravel. If you look at the latest drop at least 20 loads moved in the last 2 days making the price drop dramatically…and the market still closed on the " offer " bid. Sad Really. But alot of people are looking into this price run-up…

Check out this link to see how money from Wall Street is killing the farmers right now ( which has to do with cheese too). Another link that will put this run in cheese in perspective ( although the article is not about cheese it really explains why things are being manipulated the way they are)

I began looking into all this when I got tired of cheese moving $20 dollars a case one way or the other without reason…and I could not get a straight answer from my supplier. Now that I know I could at least predict my cheese prices based on what I was watching…and I have learned alot from what I have seen and read.

Dutch Tulip Bulbs.

Internet stocks, housing, probably petroleum… I wish I was savvy enough to see where the speculators will pour their money next and get ahead of them - or at least out of their way.

Capitalism is great… when practiced by people of integrity. Unfortunately, there have been and always will be people who want wealth without work and do not care about the consequences of their actions. The only counter to this is to strive to make the penalties of greed fall upon those who pursue it and shield the innocent from its effects. The problem is that this requires the force of government, which in itself is often a cure that kills the patient.

Well, Check it today… Down 13 and a quarter. This is a good sign, hopefully the dip in gas prices are a tell tale that cheese will be on the low swing coming into the fall.

That is my point. It’s down because the artificial price can’t hold up and it’s coming to a head. And now maybe things will loosen up.

I think computer companies and TV manufacturers would like speculators to start investing in thier products…I have seen the average price of these items drop by 40% in the last 2 years. So maybe they can " create" supply and demand with an influx of hedge funds and they can sell tv’s and computers for 10,000 each. eheheheh :roll:

Hmmm… maybe we could get the speculators interested in independent pizzerias.

Problem is I can’t get my customers to buy a $30 pizza yet :slight_smile:

Well Here we go!!! Another 3 cents today…what’s the big news? 10 Loads of Barrels moved today each a lower price…I see a big correction taking place…if what I have been reading is true…the supply and demand stuff that has been thrown around is about to be shone the door.

Real, justifiable prices are coming …I am thinking in the next two weeks we will see it.

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this is gonna be fun@!!! :o

Great news Jimmy we deserve it.

Down another 5.5 today on decent volume. No unfilled bids, one uncovered offer… that’s good news.

Really good news. Bids and offers are both lower than final contracts for today. So it will be down again tomorrow. I am feeling 1.50 just around the corner before if finally recovers to around 1.58 a pound. It will be an overcorrection in the short term. Watch for the phantom bids with no product movment to try and push prices higher but then a big move down later. That has been the sharade all summer…but then again we might see the free-fall that it is suppose to be.

Look at the history. Barrels fell all the way to 1.65 a week ago but then recoverd the next day. Well now they are at 1.67 in just 4 days??? That means to me for falling is comming. Man the money must just be running away from commodities right now.

This summer I new that the prices were out of wack 8)