Blocking Private Callers

Do those of you with caller id block private numbers?

A while back, I called one of my competitors to find out if they were open on a holiday. I got “the person you are calling does not wish to speak to callers who block their number.”

If I had been calling them to place an order, my reply would have been F*** you, I’ll call somewhere else then.

This place is a bar with carry-out pizza, no delivery, so they can’t blame it on the safety of the drivers.

Just curious on your thoughts. This would help those of you getting large numbers of prank calls, but we don’t get them. (Last prank we got was several years ago, 4 large pizzas with hot peppers and anchovies. Yeah, right.)

I am personally not in the market to exclude anyone from calling my shop. I need all the potential customers I can get. We have considered blocking specific numbers, but not the whole group of “private numbers”. Interesting idea to consider, but too much downside for my situation.