Blod Drive Sponsorship

I forgot to mention the blood drive we supported Friday before our party. Kim and I were the 2nd and 3rd donors in line, and we provided door prizes for the organizers to give out. We fed the nursing staff that night (7 of them) and sent tons of box toppers out the 2 weeks prior to the date.

Let’s say I am still recovering from the blood letting . . . dizzy now and again.

I’d recommend this sort of thing to ANYONE who gets the chance. The staff will appreciate it, and their word of mouth will be priceless. It cost me three pizzas, and some paper. We’ll get lots of feedback when they start talking. We were glad to do it since they work long hours, and our town offered only a Mexican joint with spotty food and service.

BTW, I was at about 4 minutes filling the bag. Not my record, but impressive since I am on hypertension medicine these days.

Hey Nick,sounds like an admirable thing to do,the only problem I would have is I think I bleed pizza sauce :wink:


Are you sure it is from the blood letting and not the fact you are running a pizzeria?

Isn’t it one of the same ??? :?