Blodgett 1000 gas deck pizza oven

For sale Blodgett 1000 natural gas deck-type pizza oven in average condition. $1000 or best offer. Certified Funds only (cash, money order, WUQC, etc) Probably a pick-up item. This oven is sold for $2500 to $3500 by dealers.

48" wide x 37" deep deck interior, one 10" high section, mechanical thermostat, Ultra Rokite deck, s/s front & sides; 120,000 BTU burner

Being a gas operated piece, we could not perform any other testing on this piece. But, with gas equpment there is not much to go wrong and if problems do arise, parts are generally readily available and usually inexpensive.

2 deck stones are intact and in very good considtion; includes Iron frame with casters that oven sits upon. This oven is 10+ years old, but the model is sturdy and lasts a long time. This is an extra from my pizzeria as our business growth made this one too small to be useful. A little bit of external scuffing and signs of age, but in good condition. Some rust in baking chamber that will burn out when it is lit and fired for a little while. This is common with ovens . . . same happened with the BakersPride 602 set I upgraded to.