Blodgett 1000 not hot enough

Before I start tearing my oven apart I thought maybe someone here could give me advice. My oven when turned all the way up to 650 barely gets to 500. Wasn’t sure if this would be simply replacing the thermostat or thermocouple or something else

Also I’ve tried to calibrate the thermostat and it appears to be turned all the way up

Hi Bruno

Yes it may be your thermostat or a bad thermo couple,

It may also be the holes in your burner may have become smaller over the years and just cannot allow enough gas to pass through them to attain the temperature you want.

Remove the burners and drill out the holes that may solve your Problem.

How are you measuring the temperature?

George Mills

I just put a thermometer on the stone. May not be the most accurate , but definetly about 100 degrees off the bottom ovens temp.

Try hanging it from the thermocouple tube. Gently. Ovens will be somewhat hotter at top . . . but 100F differrence seems odd. I am with the burner maintenance that George gave you.

I’ve replaced thermostats and safety valves but never touched anything else. Would be worried that those parts are sealed shut.