Blodgett 1000 pie rotation scheme

Anyone out there an expert in managing oven space in a Blodgett 1000? I’m new to all this and this is the oven I have purchased. Can fit 6 14" pies in there at one time, how do you pro’s rotate the pies to get everything working like a well oiled machine?

We have a Bakers Pride Y600. Don’t know if it is the same size as yours, but…We go right to left, front to back. Turning every 2 minutes. We have a digital timer from the dollar store. Seems to work out pretty good. Just don’t try to load the WHOLE oven at once. Remember they will ALL get done at once. Kinda hard to get them out before one gets burnt. I try to load them about a minute apart. Hope this helps.


What do you mean by turning every 2 minuteS?

Turn the pizza 1/4 turn. 3-4 turns and it’s done.

we used to have 2 1060’s and unless you have more than that it should not be a big deal if you have somebody experienced if they are both full…as far as rotating goes 1 1/2 turn on the outer pies is all that is needed

Yeah - Russ does it like me.
See, it’s like a funny CLOCK, with only 6 positions.

10 12 2
8 6 4

See what I mean?
You’re loading 'em in at 8, and rotating it to 10, then 12, then 2, then 4, and then probably out.
In each of those positions, the side near a wall is getting cooked differently, so by “spinning” the pie in addition to moving it to the next spot, you ensure that the crust gets evenly browned.

Anybody have a simple explanation of this? It’d be fun to add to a training manual, as I hope to slowly start documenting more of this stuff…