Blodgett 1000's

Fellow TT’s-
I registered years ago here, and have completely forgotten my sign-in credentials, so I needed to re-register; so I’m not a complete newbie.
Anyway, without meaning to start a debate between deck and conveyor ovens, can anyone give a good idea on the current $ value of a double stack of Blodgett 1000 ovens (natural gas)? I sold my last shop a little over four years ago, but just recently found a set of ovens I couldn’t pass up. They need a good cleaning, but otherwise are complete and operational.
So…I’m curious what those of you in the know feel they are going for this day & age.

Hi Tepizza:

The Blodgett 1000, in my opinion was the best pizza oven ever.

Not a lot of them left.

The last reconditioned set we sold went for $6500.00

George Mills

There are a couple sets on Ebay right now… … uble+Stack

I agree. I ran the 1000’s in both shops that I owned. They’re kind of legendary in my mind.
Thanks for your professional input!