Blodgett 1201 series electric

Hey guys,

Im about to start managing a mom and pop shop and the oven is a Blodgett 1201 series electric with the Rokite plates. I was disappointed at first because i was hoping it was gas. But after skimming over the manual it seems like its a really nice oven. It has four heating elements if Im not mistaken? One for the top and bottom of each deck or just one on the bottom of each deck? It has a timer which I like and you can control the heat output of the top and lower elements. Which I hoping will allow me to get a crispier thicker crust for deliveries.

So basically what I’m asking to those who have used these ovens what are the good and the bad using these ovens other then the electric bill?

EDIT:Also whats the average deck temp run? The specs say up to 650 max so should i at least expect a constant 575 temp with the Rokite plates?

Thanks in advance

Hi Slice;

Can’t help much I have never seen that model oven.

You will probably have the same conditions as with a gas deck oven. That is when you remove a baked pizza you will have to wait until that spot returns to proper baking temperature. Possibly it will take longer than a gas unit to recover.

Good Luck

George Mills

Damn George I thought you of all people would know something about this oven. I seen a used one on feebay for 6k, so someones proud of theirs. I know it will be like most deck ovens with hot spots and hoping recovery time is better with the Rokite plates.